Did you keep your New Year’s Resolution from last year?

Kristin Hugo

Each January we promise ourselves to do something better in the upcoming year. Gyms often make the most profit in January because so many people try to commit themselves to working out. But how often do people stick with it the whole year? How much do people care about self-improvement?

As it is, many people not only don’t keep their resolutions and most forget what it was entirely by the end of the year. Perhaps people don’t care to remember something for that long, or perhaps they don’t realize what kind of commitment it takes to be more honest, or to go to the gym twice a week, or to eat healthier. Perhaps people only make resolutions so they can say they did.

Making a resolution is easy, and we’ll never know whether our future selves can really stick to our resolutions. Instead of making promises for the future, let’s look back at our resolutions from 2010 and see if we are truly committed to self-improvement.

What were your New Years Resolutions from 2010? Did you stick to them? Do you still think they were worthy goals? Do you even remember what they were?