KCSN honored by RTNA

Natalie Estrada

CSUN radio station, KCSN, was presented with a Golden Mike award at the 61st Annual Golden Mike Awards Dinner in Universal City.

KCSN news’ “Evening Update,” which aired Sept. 16, 2010 was recognized for “Best Radio Newscast—Over 15 Minutes (Division B).”

Kristin Phillips, Jason Yanos, Greg Donnell and Annie Gldzhyan were honored for the work that went into creating the award-winning piece.

The Golden Mike Awards are held by the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California (RTNA) to celebrate excellence in broadcast journalism.

RTNA divided radio and television award categories into two divisions, which are based upon the number of full-time staff members for a given station.

For radio, Division A consists of six or more staff members and Division B consists of five or fewer staff members.

During her welcome speech, RTNA president Rebecca Nieto said the association has recognized and honored the achievements of broadcasters for more than 60 years.

Keith Goldstein, KCSN news director, said he was very pleased that KCSN students were being recognized for the quality of their work.

Goldstein and Phillips were present on Saturday to accept the Golden Mike for KCSN News.

Phillips said she was excited to be at the awards dinner and that she didn’t mind “holding down the fort” for other students that were unable to attend.

In the newscast, Phillips, 21, served as news anchor, Yanos was the sports reporter, Donnell was the field reporter and Gldzhyan was the producer.

Donnell said his report was about earthquake and safety preparedness.

Although he was unable to attend the award dinner, Donnell said he was excited about the recognition and hopes the award will be beneficial to his career in broadcast.

The RTNA also honored Regis Philbin, Kelly Lange and Jose Rondstadt for their careers in broadcast journalism.

Philbin was presented with RTNA’s First Legendary Broadcaster Award for his outstanding career that spans more than 50 years.

“He (Philbin) is the best at what he does,” said Steve Edwards, host of Fox 11’s Good Day L.A., while presenting Philbin his award.  “He has had the longest career ever.  He is a shoe-in for the hall of fame.”

Lange and Ronstadt received a RTNA Lifetime Achievement Award for their years of news coverage.

Although she was the only student from “Evening Update” to attended the event, Phillips said “she had a blast.”

Goldstein said the students worked all day to create their newscast and the amount of time they put in, is reflected in the quality of their work.

“KCSN students are capable of working at a professional level and producing serious and in-depth pieces,” he added. “(They) produce excellent writing, excellent soundbites and excellent content overall.”