Should caffeinated-alcoholic drinks be banned?

Jessica Estrada

Fruit-flavored caffeinated-alcoholic beverages have become the latest drink craze.

The popular drinks are inexpensive beverages and due to high alcohol content, only require a small amount to intoxicate you for an entire night out with friends. For example, a can of Four Loko contains 12 percent alcohol, which is twice as potent as many US beers.

Some states and college campuses have already banned the drinks because of health warnings. However, it still remains legal in California.

The Food and Drug Administration sent warning letters to manufacturers saying the drinks were unsafe. The FDA doesn’t support adding caffeine to alcoholic beverages and sees it as a public health concern.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that those who mix alcohol with energy drinks are three times more likely to binge drink.

Manufacturers are saying that the fruit flavored alcohol drinks will be made without caffeine but they may not be as popular among consumers.