Do you want to live to be a ‘supercentarian’?

Mandi Gosling

The world’s oldest person, Eunice Sanborn, died this week at her home in Jacksonville, Texas at the age of 114.  Born in Louisiana on July 20, 1896, she outlived one daughter and three husbands.

To put her achievement in perspective, if you are 20 years old today and you lived to be a ‘supercentarian,’ meaning 110 years old or older, you would live to see the next turn of the century in 2100.

Looking back 90 years ago, the world was radically different.  The radio was becoming mainstream in American homes, women had just won the right to vote, and it would be five years before Charles Lindburgh would become the first person to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.

Which leads one to ask, if that much can change in 90 years, do you want to live to see 2011?