Freudian Sip spreads to Pierce College, USU

Daily Sundial

The University Corporation plans to open two new Freudian Sip coffeehouses at CSUN by 2007, bringing the total on-campus count to four.

Dave Nirenberg, director of commercial services for the UC, said the fourth coffeehouse scheduled to be built would be located on the north side of campus where the Exchange structure currently sits. The fourth Freudian Sip will not have indoor seating, he said.

“The five-year strategic plan is to put a structure at each of the four compass points of the university, because students who get isolated to one corner of the campus due to their academic classes can have somewhere to go,” Nirenberg said.

According to Elmer Bautista, manager of the Freudian Sip at the Sierra Center, the third coffeehouse will open near the Pub Sports Bar and Grille at the University Student Union by Spring 2006. He also supervises the coffeehouse in the Matador Bookstore.

It will, however, be complete with grilled food options and a convenience store. The coffee will be served at a coffee bar.

The Freudian Sip, which is operated by the UC, was licensed to open a new location at Pierce College in Los Angeles in March 2005. According to Nirenberg, the coffeehouse at Pierce is doing extremely well. He said, however, that the UC is primarily for CSUN, and does not plan on opening Freudian Sips at several off-site locations.

The reason a Freudian Sip was opened at Pierce College was because the school’s administration approached Nirenberg about it after a retreat held on the CSUN campus. Nirenberg said that after seeing the Sierra Center’s Freudian Sip, Pierce administrators began to discuss the possibility of bringing one to Pierce College’s campus.

Nirenberg said Pierce College did not have a significant food service presence, and that it was in the process of negotiating with Starbucks at the time.

“It would be great to open up another one here,” said Mahtab Rostani, a second-year student at Pierce. “Me and my friends love this place, but we need one on the other end of campus.”

According to Bautista, during the morning hours at the Freudian Sip in the Sierra Center, business peaks.

“There is another small rush during the lunch hour, and again at around 3 p.m. The last big rush is at around 6:30 p.m. when people have night classes,” Bautista said.

The Freudian Sip in the Matador Bookstore complex is equipped with a row of computers that have Internet access.

Computers will not be added to the Sierra Center Freudian Sip or to the two new coffeehouse structures, as officials note there are already computer lounges near those facilities.

“I really like stopping at (The Freudian Sip) on my way to class,” said Amy Kim, a junior at CSUN. “I always see someone I know or end up meeting someone new.”

Andrea Meza, an employee at The Freudian Sip, said she loves the Italian sodas the coffeehouse offers.

“I’m not a coffee person, but I still think the syrups here are better than (those at) Starbucks,” Meza said.

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