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Residence Halls Association to hold elections, bike auction

Residence Halls Association, the student government of the University Park Apartments, will hold a bike auction tomorrow to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. According to Taranika Echols, a residential adviser in UPA Building 9 who is helping to coordinate the event, around 150 bikes will be auctioned off. The auction will take place from 2 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the basketball court between UPA buildings 11 and 12. Proceeds from the auction will go to the CSUN Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Additionally, RHA will open polling locations throughout the UPA from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 14 and 15 for community council and building senator elections. About 40 positions are available for the current school year.

CSUN continues efforts to raise funds for Katrina victims

CSUN students, faculty and staff raised nearly $27,800 in aid money as of Sept. 13 for victims of Hurricane Katrina, according to Debra Hammond, executive director of the University Student Union. The last time donations will be accepted at four donation booths around campus will be at 7:00 p.m. today. There have been efforts to get an organization to match the final amount of money raised for the relief, but nothing has been confirmed, Vicki Allen said. Several organizations have supported the fundraiser. The Pan-African Council started a clothing drive that will last through Sept. 16, and the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau plans to have a clothing drive next week, Allen said. Talks have also begun with Hillel, a Jewish club on campus, to help Katrina victims during Thanksgiving, she said. “I’m hoping that students will keep this on their radar, because this is a situation that isn’t going to be solved tomorrow,” Allen said. Associated Students put a resolution on its Sept. 13 agenda to take $1 out of every student’s A.S. fee to go toward the fundraiser. Results were not immediately available at press time. A table might be set up during the day of remembrance and acknowledgment for Katrina victims, which will be held on Sept. 16. A place and date for the event has not been finalized, Hammond said.

Search engine Oodle puts local classified ads on the Internet

A new search engine that provides college students with timely access to local classified listings recently announced that since its inception in April, it is now catering to over 100 colleges nationwide. Oodle (, which posts available items of interest from popular online sites as well as local and campus newspapers, offers a combination of features that help students find what they are looking for. By describing what a user wants, Oodle Alerts are sent to a user’s e-mail account that enables students to view relevant listings minutes after they become available. Whether a student is interested in furniture, roommates, textbooks or internships, Oodle’s mapping feature extends to students who are new to a college or state and offers the technology to find the exact location of what they need. Oodle, Inc., is a consumer Internet company that provides free online tools that promotes buying, selling and giving in local areas.

Armed Forces program offers medical and dental to students

Medical and dental students in search of extreme medical training and experience with mass casualty situations can now combine classroom duty with hands-on Army training under the F. Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. HPSP scholarship recipients enrolled at the university of their choice will also receive training 45 days each year at world-renowned Army Health Care facilities. Along with a monthly stipend of $1,200, HPSP scholarship recipients get 100 percent of tuition and mandatory book expenses covered for one-to four-year graduate programs. In exchange for financial and educational benefits, HPSP participants gain an active duty obligation for every year of payment. Scholarship recipients also become members of the Army Health Care Team, one of the nation’s largest health care networks.

Learning advanced battlefield treatment lessons and providing stateside care and service to the country are just a couple of the reasons students are encouraged to log onto or visit a local recruitment office to get more information about HPSP. The Army also maintains competitive residency and internship programs for scholarship recipients who have earned professional degrees and want to continue advanced training.