Should Banksy reveal himself for an Oscar?

Brian De Los Santos

World famous graffitti artist, Banksy, is nominated for an Oscar for his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” The award show will be taking place this Sunday at the Kodak Theatre.

But his aura is already in town and his recent pieces on Angeleno buildings are proof of his appearance in the city.

However, academy directors have denied his incognito identity to enter in disguise for the Oscars. His whole artist career has been based on his mysterious persona and political paintings that have impacted the world. If the street artist would attend the award show, he would be forced to lift the veil, showcase his identity and possibly lose the personal statement he has molded for his career.

He will not lose a shot at the award if he does not show up, but he could loose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand on the Oscar stage holding an award delivering a speech.

Should someone give up his or her life’s statement for special recognitions?