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Verichip implants leave us vulnerable, not safer

As youngsters, the vision of the future was very exciting and full of better technology that would advance society. That time is here, yet some of these advancements seem to be leading toward the potential destruction of all human freedoms.

The human microchip is no longer an imaginative idea: it’s here, right under our noses. If we don’t pay attention, bonds of digital slavery will strap us under the control of a complete totalitarian government.

The latest one, with the sugarcoated name “Digital Angel,” is no bigger than a grain of rice and encased inside silicon. These chips use radio frequency and transmitters that relay information to satellites around the world.

According to the Washington Post, located inside these chips is information regarding your medical records, all identification including social security number, driver’s license and home address. Other important details about you such as the medications you’re taking, allergies, bank account numbers and criminal record are found on it as well.

The newest versions include a GPS tracking signal so governmental authorities, employers and even insurance companies can locate you in a matter of seconds. So much for playing hooky from work, school or running from the cops.

In 2001, the FDA approved the chips for pets and humans to hold medical records. The Verichip Corp. headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, has been distributing these chips for use in animals and some people ever since. They hope to launch these microchips into society but are facing heavy resistance.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the government and citizens have been extremely over protective of national security. We even gave the government permission to spy on us with the Patriot Act and those ridiculous full-body scans at airports. Now as a society we want to allow a government feeding off our fear to implant a device that steals all privacy and freedoms from us?

Verichip Corp. is attempting to sucker us into using these horrific slave masters by saying they will help save lives by chipping children and the elderly. Don’t allow a sentimental statement to cloud over the bigger picture.

Yes, it is upsetting when children are abducted, but how safe is this device when an abductor can hack the system and find your precious child? Remember nothing is 100 percent safe and technology can be infiltrated by predators and can do more harm than good.

Unfortunately, this is one result of having a high population: more people means the pursuit for better methods of control.  This level of government dominance is morally wrong and news of this chip should be our wake up call for a potentially cruel future.

Microchips are a brilliant idea and certainly have their place. But we as humans have survived this long without a chip inside our bodies and we will live on without Big Brother.

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