Do the conflicts in the Middle East affect the lives of CSUN students?

Cheryl Giraud

It’s no secret the Middle East has been engaged in conflicts since ancient Biblical times beginning with the first century uprisings against the Roman Empire.

Since then, hundreds of inflammatory confrontations have erupted throughout the complex and emotionally charged Middle East.

Fast forward to modern day conflicts.

In a new round of conflicts this year in the crude oil -rich Middle East, analysts believe one major effect of the recent revolutions in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Bahrain are the spiraling, out-of-control gas prices here in America.

With crude oil hovering around $100 a barrel, analysts predict prices at the pump could rise 10 to 15 percent in the coming weeks.

A world apart from the Middle East, Los Angeles is a car-culture as evidenced by the 27,000 students who commute to CSUN every year.

Is there a direct link among the volatile Middle East conflicts, rising gas prices in America and students who commute to CSUN?