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Privacy, mortality, sex & emergencies

SCOTUS: Corporations do not have personal
privacy rights

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned an appeals court ruling on Tuesday that said the FCC could not release records of its investigation into AT&T.

Chief Justice John Roberts said the word “personal” normally refers to individuals and AT&T failed to connect the word to corporations.  Therefore, federal government records concerning corporations will be available to the public, under the Freedom of Information Act.

So sorry it had to come to this, big business, I was with you.

But you sure make the argument for government intrusion into your affairs tough when you spew oil into the Gulf of Mexico continuously for three months, slack on safety protocols there to keep your coal miners alive and tank the national economy with shady financial dealings.
Last U.S. WWI
veteran dies

Though it happened only 100 years ago, World War I may as well be ancient history for most of us and not something connected to modern times.

Unless you consider that as recent as this weekend, we had a direct link here in the U.S. A living person who was there, who we could reach out to, speak to and touch.

Someone alive who brought the past from the abstract into sharp focus as something that really happened and shaped our world.

But we lost our last connection on Sunday when former corporal Frank W. Buckles died at his home in West Virginia.

He was 110 years old.

There are only two left in the world.
OMG sexting could cost you a fine LOL

Legislators in Columbia, South Carolina are trying to outlaw 12 to 17-year-olds from knowingly transmitting sexually explicit photos.

Rep. Joan Brady said she wants parents and teens to understand the potential negative repercussions of sexting among teens, including cyber-bullying.

You kids these days, you’ve never even had to try. Everyone knows the Internet was made for porn and you can access it all with your phone.

But you got greedy and accessed each other and sent pictures back and forth of your hey nanny nanos and your doodles and whatever the hell.

It was all pretty kick a** and you were obviously enjoying yourselves and that’s why it couldn’t last.

If the law passes, offenders could face up to a $100 fine and may be forced to take what amounts to traffic school, but for cyber obscenity.

Whether or not that will dissuade anyone is beside the point.  I want to know, who’s the creep tasked with policing teenager’s dirty messages?
Teacher suspended for startling student

Since I’m on the subject of damn kids…

A math teacher in Atherton, California rattled a table to get his class’ attention but one poor flower was so tormented by the commotion she had to call 911.

When police arrived at the classroom, they found the students calm and the teacher composed so they beat the little sissy with their flashlights for wasting everyone’s time.

OK, that last part didn’t happen. But damn it, it beats the truth about school administrators suspending their teacher and backing foolish behavior of students for fear of lawsuits.  Nor does it speak to one source of the problem, which may well be technology distracting students in class.
Climate change could wipe out great tits

The oceans are desalinating and rising to threaten coastal cities.

Warmer air is counter-intuitively leading to worse winters with heavier snow.

Water tables are down and droughts are rampant, creating concerns that the next great human challenge may not be invasion by another state but food and water shortages.

Food shortages are driving prices up and while experts aren’t willing to say massive uprising in the underdeveloped world is connected with the cost of food, they’re leaning towards a correlation.

Who cares?  The warmer weather is putting great tits in direct danger.

Warmer springs means nature is getting started sooner.  Flowers blossom, bugs party on them and great tit chicks who do not hatch early miss out on the peak in the seasonal food supply.

This adjustment to nature’s new rhythm may well mean the end of tits on earth.

Great ones.

Go back to sexting, you pervert.

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