Poetry Corner: Intimate expressions of passion anand desithrough words

Daily Sundial


By Mona Karaguozian

I’ll dream until the sun rises

and melts my heart again,

mending my soul so incomplete,

yet loving the pain within.

I’ll dream until the day grows dark,

And live the life of dreams,

I’ll hold my moment in my heart,

Forever- so it seems.


By Matt Osias

Days have past since we last touched

All my sight went blind

To you I’d never lie

At times.

At times

To you I lied

My eyes have opened wide

And yet you still lay by my side

Love’s Lust

By Veronica Rocha

Pitter Patter

My heart beats for an unknown lover

Climb in and out of head

See me,

Breathe on me,

Taste me.

Then- A month will escape us

I no longer desire you, nor linger for your kisses

Pitter Patter

My heart beats for an unknown lover

New cycle of passion

The fiery vessel in my chest aches for another lover

More thrills

Pitter Patter

My heart beats for an unknown lover

Mirror of Me

By Denys Nazarov

Friend what ask you

With eyes of sparks


By exhausted glance

Of those who chase

Departed trains

Your heavy arches hang low

Where, beneath, entrapped

A quiet gaze absorbs

Reluctantly the World

Steady like beating of raindrops

The bellows inhale,

Time after time

With a routine persistence

Thin bend tenses

To utter, to liberate

A captive dove, yet

Those who’re home in cage

Long not for liberty

And on the edge

A round cape concludes

Expanses of

Nostalgic Isle

With a firm, broad elevation

What question you,

In this reflection,

With a sense of

Slight resentment-


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