If disaster strikes, will you be a looter?

Mandi Gosling

In earthquake and tsunami-ravaged Japan, thousands of people are dead, even more unaccounted for and who knows the billions of dollars in damage. The race for limited resources has begun with people struggling to find food, clean water, shelter and power.

In times of disaster or crisis, a common reaction of the people is looting. An Associated Press article from Sept. 1, 2005, quoted then-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as saying that in the first few days following Hurricane Katrina, the looting had gotten so bad that police officers had made stopping it, not saving lives, their priority.

During the recent protests in Egypt, looters ripped the heads off ancient mummies and destroyed other artifacts at a museum in Cairo.

Yet, in Japan, there has been no looting. In fact, many people are noting, there has been a remarkable amount of order in all the chaos.

In the face of disaster, how would you respond?