Does anyone care about the royal wedding?

Ashley Soley-Cerro

For months, gossip magazines as well as news sources have been offering daily updates about the royal wedding, which is still over a month away.

Gossip magazines such as US Weekly, OK! and Star give regular updates about celebrity invites, who is part of the bridal party and when the invitations were mailed.

Video of the wedding route, who will marry the couple, and photos of Kate Middleton’s dress are all online so anyone can daydream about what the couples’ big day will be like.

Star’s website has a photo gallery of Price William and Middleton’s daily outings. OK!’s website lists the top five wedding souvenirs, including a replica of their wedding cake, condoms and a comic book.

On top of gossip magazines, people can get the latest wedding updates daily on local news stations morning and night.

With all this royal wedding information being handed to us everywhere we turn, does anyone care?