Get to know: Ryan Juarez

Ignacio Marquez

DOMINANCE: Despite a 2-3 record, senior Ryan Juarez leads pitchers who have thrown at least 10 innings with a 2.42 ERA. Photo Credit: Ignacio Marquez / Assistant Sports Editor

Full Name: Ryan Juarez
Date of Birth: Oct. 2, 1988
Place of Birth: Orange, California
Height: 6’0”
Position: Pitcher
Major: Psychology
2011 Season Stats: 2-3 record with a 2.42 ERA, two saves, seven earned runs, 11 walks, no home runs in nine appearances and 26 innings pitched.

Food: “My mom’s adobo. It’s a Filipino dish, it’s home cooking and I can’t get it anywhere else.”
Music: “I’m real big on underground Hip Hop. I just love the artistry of it and the effort it takes to create music like that.”
Movie: “All time, I would have to say ‘Forrest Gump’ because it has a little bit of everything, but more recently ‘True Grit’ because I love the Coen brothers and how they do everything. They’re awesome.”
Athlete: “Adam Wainwright because he’s always in Cy Young contention and he’s getting me a ton of wins in fantasy. All time, I would have to say Eric Gagne.”

Greatest Difficulty: “I think it would have to be the stigma that (CSUN) is a bad program. I think when I came here that stigma was there and in my freshman year when I redshirted, it was true, we were 15-41.”
Greatest Goal Accomplishment: “Leading a team of young men doing the things they like. To try and set a good example and let people know when they make mistakes that I’ve made in the past.”
Most Embarrassing Moment: “I would have to say as a freshman having to take my first shower with the team. I didn’t realize the shenanigans that happen (laughs). Also, the big hits against me is embarrassing.”
Hobbies: “I love video games; love Call of Duty. Words with Friends on the iPhone, listening to music, TV shows and hanging out with the guys.”

Best part of my game: “I just picked up a slider and it’s filthy and I love throwing it. Mentally, I think it’s just my toughness.”
Part of my game that needs improvement: “I think overall command because I can do a better job throwing strikes.”
Best player I’ve played against so far: Wes Roemer, formerly of Cal State Fullerton
Player I pattern my game after: Eric Gagne, former Los Angeles Dodger
Pre-game rituals: “Wake up, put on my game day shirt, go to Subway, get my typical spicy Italian, come to the field, gear up, stretch and come back and I have to have my music.”

Team: “Playoffs, Big West championship to start off and then a national championship.”
Individual: “I just want to leave this program better. I also definitely want to play pro ball.”

My first sports: Baseball
When I started playing baseball: “When I was 5 years old playing tee ball.”
Person I would like to meet: “A general manager for any of the Major League Baseball teams because I would love for him to sign a check with my name on it.”