Poetry Corner: A look at love, life, and beauty

Daily Sundial


By Mona Karaquozian

The clock only ticks

To keep you running,

Fearing tomorrow’s end.

Let time stand still for me

And make the hours bend.

Let time “tick” by my word

And “tock” when I please.

Let time lock my life,

Let me hold the keys

Silly Woman

By Veronica Rocha

Strong and independent

This is me

Shallow as the ground I walk on

This is me

Care to know more, stick around and see

Chew with my mouth open

Cry when I feel fear

Don’t sleep to dream

Discuss the right and wrongs of politics

Quote movies lines

Sarcastic and neurotic

Scream when I am touched slowly

In love with the idea of falling love,

Yet I am commitment-phobic

Walking contradiction

This is me

Care to know more, just stick around

and see.

Quarter ’til Dawn

By Denys Nazarov

Let me as moonlight’s

Slanted gaze, brush

Lightly like a sigh,

Of whisper on your


That wondered in

On starry summer night,

When tucked in serenity

You dreamed of quiet waves,

Reflected in the soothing

Calmness of your face.

Let me sit beside you,

Breathless, captivated,

By steady swaying of

Your heart, believing

That time has stopped,

Withholding dawn, from

Barging in the sun,

Commending me

To float away

Let me drown,

In your cascading hair

And quietly ascend

Into the tranquil depth,

Of slumber, like a feather


Unburdened by the

Gentle coolness of

The midnight current,

In quiet harbor

Of your hand


By Diana Gutierrez

In this skin

I sit in fear of you seeing me,

On this bed

I lay in hopes that you keep this

room light free.

In this room

I stare at you completely exposed,

In this shadow

You look at me and see what no one else knows.

Under these sheets

I sleep entirely stripped of all that

covers me,

From head to toe,

Completely exposed,

Do you still love me?

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