Letter to the Editor


(Re: “Memorial ceremony scheduled for former department chair,” published Oct. 3)

Bismillah (In the name of God most gracious and most merciful).

Honorable President, Vice-President, Dean, Worthy Faculty Members, Sincere Friends, Respectable Guests ‘ Ambitious Students.

Assalam Almkum! (Peace and Blessing)

I just feel the specific gravity of the Universal saying, “Whom Gods love dies young” on the spirit of this memorial ceremony honoring Dr. Khurram Omar Zahir who was doubtlessly an excellent mentor and a great educational anchor in the realm of learning.

There is a vacancy now. Others will step in and fill his shoes excellently. But, no one can replace the unique presence of a beacon light that was Dr. Omar Zahir, who always quite willingly provided marvelous support, unflinching safe guidance and a very potential advice full of commendable initiative, drive and enthusiasm.

As a moral duty, the bereaved and grief ridden close families hereby extend their heart-felt thanks and gratitude for your glowing tributes, honest condoling expressions and sorrowful thoughts.

Now, let us all pray to God, the most conscious and the most merciful to shower his choicest blessing and to keep the departed glorious soul of Dr. Zahir in paradise.


From the family of Omar Zahir