Where to find the best indie music on the Internet

Daily Sundial

Indie music lovers fear not of what the dismal, yet mainstream music media has to offer. Other sources to get the latest or lowdown on some of the best music in decades to hit indie airwaves and the indie scene can be found on the Internet websites. Various websites offer free music downloads, insightful reviews and interviews, plus the bands most of these websites cover are worth discovering, and eventually will grow to love.

Pitchforkmedia.com provides free mp3 downloads of recently released indie music. The website features an array of reviews; however, the music reviews are not grammatically and intellectually enthralling. Most of the new bands the site showcases are amazing. Its concert reviews, such as a review of the Norway music scene, are descriptive and detailed with the writer’s experience and the bands’ performances. Its interviews are not riddled with simple questions. The reporter asks tough questions, and receives honest responses from bands, such as Sigur Ros, and my favorite, the English band Doves. Some music fans have said the website is elitist and pretentious; however, the website offers decent information on some of the best bands.

Nudeasthenews.com features a great array of new music reviews. With in-depth interviews of bands, such as Death Cab for Cutie, and one of the best new music groups, TV on the Radio, the reader will learn how his or her favorite band sets up its music arrangements and their songwriting process. The website is based on editorial content only with no advertisement. Its concert reviews are exceptionally written, allowing the reader to visualize him or herself at the show.

Tinymixedtapes.com is one of the most innovative music websites on the Internet. A music lover could get his or her fill of music from options such as reviews, interviews, tour dates, music-related news articles and new music releases. The website features one of the greatest Internet music ideas, known as the tiny mixed tape generator. The reader must send a message concerning a particular emotion or idea through what looks like a bulletin post. If the website’s editors decide that they liked the message, they will post a playlist, also called a mixed tape, on the website with songs that perfectly fit the message sent. For example, one reader submitted, “Songs to think about while you’re preparing to do a courtesy laugh after hearing a joke that is not funny.” The web editors responded by posting a playlist that included a variety of artists and songs related to the topic, such as the Smiths, “That joke isn’t funny anymore.”

Stylusmagazine.com is one of those frou frou music websites with a galore of pictures to glance through, and follows its namesake as being stylized. The website is a music information zone. The website showcases the newest bands through reviews, and interviews, which always fares well with any true music lover. The website also features a great music game called the album art challenge in which the reader must attempt to guess what album cover belongs to the music artist. The game will test any music lovers wit, skills and so-called empirical music knowledge.

Junkmedia.org strays away from popular music. The website will review music bands most critics are afraid to review, such as the melodic and menacing sounds of Autechre. Music downloads from bands, such as the Decemberists and the New Pornographers, allow music fans to listen to some of the latest material from their favorite bands.

Whether or not you like indie music, any music buff will enjoy these music websites. All of these websites offer essential information on the latest and greatest bands or rap artists to hit the underground music scene. These websites could be used as a tool to discover new and different music that defies popular mainstream KIIS-FM music.

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