Poetry Corner: Vivid images of the mind and soul

Daily Sundial


By Matt Shapiro

She lights up precious life

She glows with warmth that heals

She is a bountiful balance of beauty and brilliance

She has eyes that beam into my soul.

She holds her loved ones close at heart

She feels tenderly, deeply

She flows with intensity through the pulse of passion

She has a touch that totally tingles.

She dances on my mind

She sweetly caresses my essence

She enhances my utopias

She is a dreamt reality.

She enriches my perspective

She has a spirit that sparkles

She is talented; she is a gift

I lose my balance in her eyes…


Mona Karaguozian

I may not be an artist,

But I’ve drawn this picture well,

When I knew the door to heaven,

And I cleared the road to hell.

Vermeer’s lighting can’t show my soul,

Hidden from all passersby,

But I know that although I smile,

My heart can’t tell a lie.

It’s been done and over with,

Time cannot undo the deed,

But if I could, I’d change my world,

I’d plant a happy seed.


Veronica Rocha

Eat me,

Like you chew on that turquoise straw.

See me,

As a perspective star.

Touch me,

Beautifully like a fixed cotton ball

in your mind.

Smell me,

Around my neck with your sweet breath on this lingering back

Lick me,

My inner thighs and in and around my–hmm ear.


Every love spelling taste of flesh on my enormously heated soul.


The very essence of this grand unbelievable dream/reality.

Kiss me,

As we join this giant spectacle of life.

Meet me

Meet me

On a canvas of hope,

Deliriously wandering through a starry night.

Let go, let go

Take this mold and unfold

Our suits of armor

Onto Mr. Cupids wings.

The Wrong Choice?

By Jackelin Maldonado

I was not sure,

yet you’re the one who said good-bye.

Then you tell me I’m being selfish

for wanting what was mine to begin with.

How can I be alright with you getting married for your legal status.

You say that I should leave it to

my conscious,

for feeling that I may have loved you.

Asked me, to be reasonable,

to stay as your lady, and to have as a wife.

How can you ask any sane person

to be reasonable in my situation.

You say you understand me

Yet you made it difficult.

To be with you is hard, but it is

harder to make the wrong choice.

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