No love lost for the pathetically weak and needy, she said

Managing Editor

Why don’t you call me anymore?” This infamous phrase is often coined by what I like to call “needy people.” Most sane people have encountered these kinds of manic personalities. Needy people call a million times a day, want attention at all hours, and basically won’t leave you alone.

Whether a needy person is a lover, friend or family member, needy people exist in all realms of relationships. Need is a strange phenomenon that cannot be deterred, no matter how hard someone attempts to run away.

A needy person has an obsessive personality, with relentless tendencies to annoy the heck of anyone they meet.

As an independent person, who is virtually aloof to all things related to any tangible form of a relationship, I unfortunately always get stuck with needy people. Since my mother is compulsively needy and obsessive, when I enter into a relationship with someone who is needy, I run, and run fast. To have a needy person in your life is similar to carrying a ton of bricks on your back. Several of my friendships and love relationships have ended due to my dismal phone etiquette, as well as my insatiable desire to have alone time.

Prior to starting any relationship, I evaluate a person’s habits, such as the amount of phone calls he or she made to my cell. One should be weary of this, however, a needy person has the game of trickery nailed. He or she can fool you by doing less needy things in the beginning of the relationship, but as the relationship progresses, he or she will turn into Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction.”

Not all forms of neediness, however, are awful. Everyone needs love. It is healthy to want to see someone, or be with him or her, however, the neediness line is thin, and crossing it could be disastrous and potentially dangerous.