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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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How to get through a day of boredom at the dorms

When you’re living in the dorms and away from the people, places and activities that usually get you through times of boredom, finding things to do can become a difficult task. Here are a few tips that might help get you through the long days of starring hopelessly at the plain white walls in your dorm room you probably know too well.


Every one loves a great party. Saying that you are bored is just another way of saying, “Where’s the party at?” I feel the need to mention however, that when attending these parties you must be careful. There are a few things you men and women should understand:

MEN – When a woman does decide to dance with you, she would appreciate it if you would do more than stand against the wall rocking your head to the beat. Try moving your legs, and if at all possible, you could even move your hands. These are just some things to let HER know that you are indeed “feeling her.”

WOMEN – I know, we all love to have a good time, but never lose your self-respect in the process. It’s okay to pop your butt, but not when you are wearing a tennis skirt- that is a definite no-no!


Maybe you ‘re not the kind of person who enjoys parties. There is nothing wrong with not being a “party person.” You could always sleep. Sleeping always makes the day go by faster and besides, every college student is always in need of more sleep.


The Internet has always been a place of escape from boredom. I know we are all familiar with, a place where you can find old friends, meet new friends, and run into enemies. If you aren’t in the mood to party or sleep, check your MySpace mail. You never know, you might have a new message, posted comments, or cross your fingers a new friend request! This place for friends will keep you entertained for hours.


Try taking pictures for your MySpace page. Some of my best MySpace pictures were taken when I was just sitting in my dorm bored. So believe me when I say, “boredom is indeed art.”


Now, this one can be tricky. It’s okay to eat, but don’t eat too much. If you eat more that you would normally eat it may cause some internal complications, if you know what I mean.


Not many people are a big fan of this one, maybe because it requires a little more energy than the rest, but it’s definitely a way to kill time productively. Whether you find a jogging partner or do some ab work at home, it’s a cheap way to pass time and stay healthy.


This idea may seem a little foreign to some people. But besides putting you to sleep, which is also one of the options, it will actually help you in your classes. So, if none of the others appeal to you, give this one a shot.

Jacklyn Hampton can be reached at

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