Poetry Corner: ‘Fades,’ ‘Stay,’ and ‘Estranged’

Daily Sundial


By Allie Seeholzer

How can it be if all I’ve done just fades.

Tried so hard to make me your own.

All has faded in you.

and I am alone.

Looking around my life started to glow.

Now all I have done just fades.

You gave me more a little too late.

Your tore me down with all your hate.

You poison me to make it go away.

Sunshine has gone, only

darkness may stay.

The light I had for you has

burnt out again.

Time for me to reach into my

pockets for sin.

It hurts to hear these words I say.

Can’t plug your ears my memory stays.

And with all this I feel myself

start to fade

I use to cry every night for you to call.

I use to fight every time you’d

drop the ball.

You could have cared less then to see those tears.

Now that you I’m gone you yearn back for those years.

I only see myself moving forward.

You only want me to move backward.

It must be painful to see everything

go away.

My smile, my laughter, my face,

the way we play.

And with all this I feel myself

start to fade.

I kept looking in the mirror

at a face that was not my own,

I would pray for death, my only home.

I never thought I could hurt myself,

That must have been someone else.

I looked right through you

and saw myself,

Now all I have just fades.


By Jason Tanner

It’s midnight at the bridge on

Fifth Ave.

The city is being washed of reality

and sin.

Sparks become headlights,

Headlights become stars.

A star twinkles in his eye,

He asks her to marry him

with his last breath.

Tears, hidden by the rain.

What is real? What is illusion?

This world – is a dream, and,

there is too much beauty to ever

wake up.

Across the ocean of heaven

A brunette waitress refills coffee.

She is an actress – Will she make it?

There is a rhythm to it all –

The city, her walk, the coffee,


Just a painting, waiting patiently to dry.

A gunshot echos across the skyline.

“Yes, I will marry you…please stay..

Please don’t leave me…”


By Samuel Richard

We lived so close, but were so far away.

Knew each other for years, but grew apart in a day.

Our roots were on shallow grounds,

planted, but weak.

We were strangers without knowing it.

Let’s know our priceless selves.

We’re worth it.

Let’s build again and look into our lives and discover.

Let us take down our masks and challenge each other.

Estranged friend, estranged misses.

Let’s rebuild and turn this vision into a goal and mission.