A.S. increases ‘Big Show’ budget to prevent cancellation

Ivette Lopez

Big Show received a $26,559 bonus during Tuesday’s Associated Students senate meeting.  The allocation was approved to prevent this weekend’s campus event from being cancelled.

“I think that it is very unfortunate that this happened, but I want every student to have a safe and fun experience,” said President Amanda Flavin.

Police services mandated an increase in security, which prompted the steep rise in the event’s budget.

New required security measures include more police officers at the event, a portable jail and raising existing fences from six to eight feet. Failure to adhere to the new measures would have forced A.S. to cancel the event, which is expected to draw about 8,000 spectators.

Senators were forced to pass the legislation only four days before the event to avoid penalty fees from performing artists.

“I think we can avoid this in the future by asking for invoices instead of estimates,” said William Ryder, external affairs senator.

Events at previous on-campus events, such as the fights that broke out last April at Matador Nights, are responsible for the increase in security, Flavin said.

A.S. will likely see a 33 percent decrease in their account due to this price change. However, an estimated $80,000 in revenue and an additional $120,000 from excess enrollment fees will keep their account afloat.

“It’s putting the senate in a tight situation,” said senator Klementina Paviola, who added she would’ve wanted a request long ago to allow A.S. to act in a timely manner.

These new regulations would increase the budget for Big Show from an estimated $249,000 to $275,559. The difference would be paid through a contingency account belonging to A.S. which currently pays for other organizations’ events among other things.

“My mother would turn over in her grave if she heard me saying this, but the net cost is still under $200,000,” said general manager David Crandall.