Letter to the Editor

As a member of the University’s Committee for Refinement of Administrative Processes, I must take issue with Ryan Denham’s opinion piece (“CSUN Web Portal a complete disaster,” Oct. 18). Denham must understand that the Web Portal that he demeans is actually an intelligent, well-thought-out system that some of the best minds on campus, working endlessly in sub-committees have developed for use by CSUN students. Not to mention, the project was completed at considerable cost.

We do not expect a student under the influence of whiskey (as Denham described himself in the article) to be a capable operator of a sophisticated, fine-tuned system. This would be comparable to allowing an untrained pilot to navigate a commercial airliner in a thunderstorm.

In contrast, we have simplified the system for students so that it is merely as simple as flying a Cessna to San Francisco with a fuel stop in clear weather in San Luis Obispo.

Therefore, we caution you students: don’t drink or take medication while operating our system. Make sure that you have plenty of sleep beforehand. If possible, have a copilot.

Denham was also very critical of the use of jargon that appears throughout the Web Portal and the seemingly contradictory sums and totals that appear in his student statement. Our Business and Computer School sub-committee members suggested the hyperactive use of jargon to familiarize and prepare students for what potentially lies ahead of them in their careers.

Furthermore, there are no erroneous arithmetic sums and totals in the student statements; only contradictory items appear. Again, this is an intentional construction by the Math Department faculty that contributes to the weekly “Math Puzzle” in the Daily Sundial.

Denham yearns for yet another committee to address the communication issue. However, he overlooked that his own newspaper reported that such a committee was formed (“New committee will try to remind students of obligations,” Sept. 27).

I recognize that one can’t possibly keep up with all CSUN committee establishments (otherwise, the Sundial would be twice as thick as it is now). It should be noted that the new committee is comprised of the usual brilliant minds of the campus.

Purposefully, there is no student representation on the committee since students were deemed to be unproductive participants in the process and not as brilliant. I’ve learned that the committee is considering a recommendation for the granting of academic credit of 3 units in Foreign Language for those students demonstrating satisfactory portal navigation (subject, of course, to approval by other appropriate campus committees).

George Dzumzum, Ph.D.

Chair, Aramaic Studies Department

Member of CSUN C.R.A.P. (Committee for Refinement of Administrative Processes)