Poetry Corner: A few perspectives on life and death

Daily Sundial


Mona Karaguozian

The days dance by

The fierce wind’s lead,

Under the sweet melody

Of day and night.

A masterpiece composed!

Confusion sets when minds

seek probability,

Tired lives speak words

to be known only theoretically,

Let’s dance with time,

Let’s live indifferently.

The Bells of Once Was

By Christopher Storms

Cold is the world

No feeling or life

How could it know

The pain of death

Empty is the body

After a loss so close

A void where love used to be

Nothing can replace this

The feeling of loneliness

A ringing of silence

From a bell that is muted

Caused by an acquaintance

Not to be seen again

Till another bell falls silent

Companion for the Soul

By Christopher Storms


By myself

Nobody to share my life

I have no companion

With whom I love

My soul longs

I wish for company

A beacon of light

From the heavens

Blessed by Aphrodite

The Earth envies her

I long to be around her

To indulge myself in her sweetness

I long to be around her

So I am not alone


By Veronica Rocha

Life is gone

Gone without a trace

Without love or hate

I wish I could just stay

In that plain old black box

Filled with hate and misery

Need to take all this out

Should I die?

Or should I hate myself forever

I won’t hate anymore

If I listen to you,

But hey, you don’t even listen to meI am forced to understand and be strong

When I don’t want to

Can’t I just crawl under a rock,

And live there for the rest of my poor pathetic life

I am a poor pathetic creature named “Life”