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Tantalizing foods for your tummy and taste buds

I love food. And today I wanted to share with you the foods that I think will potentially make you moan “mmm, mmm, mmm!”

Note: although I try my best to be health conscious, all of my suggestions may not be considered healthy to some. Nonetheless, these foods are still good.

The first on the food list is a breakfast meal: blueberry and banana pancakes. Carb watchers, do not be turned off. There are several types of pancakes that have low carbohydrate counts. Whichever you prefer, the best place to go for these pancakes is Trader Joe’s. You can find the nearest location for you at

Trader Joe’s has a product called, “Organic Blueberry Fruit Spread.” Buy this spread along with the pancake mix of your preference, and some ripe bananas, and you will have the right ingredients to make great pancakes. To better enhance the flavor of your pancakes, add cinnamon and whipped cream to top off the pancakes. Once you taste the wonderful combination of flavors, there might as well be a party in your mouth, because the nerves in your taste buds will be dancing.

Second on the list of foods to eat is a snack that you can eat after breakfast and before lunch: mixed fruit. Fruit is often thought of as simple, but when you mix certain fruits together, they are delicious. My favorite fruit combinations, which can usually be found at any grocery store, are mangos, pineapple, cantaloupe and red cherries. Just cut up the fruit, and there is no need to add anything else. You can also add a slight squirt of lemon for zest.

The third dish I suggest should not be eaten on a regular or even a casual basis, but you must try it: chicken pizza.

It will be hard to get an alternative to this kind of pizza because the taste of the pizza may be compromised. This is not a shameless advertisement, but the best place to buy chicken pizza is from Papa John’s. The tender chicken and crust is virtually unbeatable. I always encourage people to bring out the full-taste potential in every food product. For the pizza, putting Tabasco hot sauce, Parmesan cheese and Papa John’s special garlic sauce will practically force you to like the taste.

If you want a light dinner, especially after eating pancakes and pizza, a chicken salad would be great. I developed my own salad dressing for a chicken salad. If you prefer, leave out the chicken. First, buy a variety of lettuce from any store – (I prefer Costco). For the salad dressing, use one whole onion, salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil. Cut a few slices of onions, and mix the ingredients with the vinegar and olive oil. Try not to put too much vinegar or salt, or else the dressing will be ruined. If you add chicken, it tastes best when it is grilled then chilled. Toss some pecans or sliced almonds to the salad to add an extra crunch.

Sometimes our stomachs still snarl after dinner. When this happens, a small dessert would be perfect to satisfy your hunger. My suggestion is that you try rice pudding. It sounds strange to some, but with the right ingredients, it’s phenomenal. First, boil a cup of rice in a large pot of water, until the rice is soft. Drain the water and add Carnation milk, raisins and cinnamon.

If you try to make any of these dishes, you will not regret it because they are definitely delicious and good for you.

Samuel Richard can be reached at

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