Lower Tuitions Fee; Don’t Subsidize the Rec Center


When the new Recreational Center is opened, all students will be automatically given membership.  This is not, however, kindness. This comes not as a special offer, but rather as a forced purchase. Students will be unable to opt out of paying for the membership, regardless of whether they use it. What this means, in essence, is that those who don’t use it will be subsidizing those who do. Why are we standing for this?

This was not a necessity for the recreational center to have been built. When a new business opens, no one is obligated to purchase from them, and an entrepreneur has to be careful when investing whether people will be interested or not. It is because of this that they have an innate interest in ensuring that their businesses offer what people want. Why should the recreational center not need to oblige this economic law?

If it has something for everyone, why does it need to force us to purchase its membership?

Mind you, this is not a matter exclusive to the recreational center. We are forced to support things we don’t support or want all the time by not only the university, but by the state as well. Why do we stand for it? It is our hard earned money, is it not? If it is our money, then have we not the right to use it as we wish?

Michelangelo Landgrave
Students for Liberty – CSUN Economics Major