Poetry Corner: A deeper look into life and love

Daily Sundial

The End Beginnings

By Christopher Storms

We live in a world

curtailed by an end.

Cut by the darkness

who lives in death.

Stealing the life

of what we know,

in which we live.

For we live through us.

Creating the life in mind

to live through,

With the coming of ends,

the coming of the Fates

We live our lives,

to live on with others,

and never die.


By Mineli Grigourian

Fallen off branches,

Experienced yet dry

it seems as though

life has skipped by-

Now, all shades of orange

the leaves have turned

from the touch of raindrops

and the sun that’s burned-

from the birds that have nested

and the child that’s torn

the leaf off its branch

will again be born.

And though it seems

life is going fast

the leaf, though short-lived

once had a past.

Hurtful Decision

By Veronica Rocha

Awake my precious

from that trance.

It will only hurt you.

More confusion,

will only break you

He totally feels you,

Don’t fall in.

He loves only one,


Kiss life with all its glory

Be strong!

The past will only fall in

and out of your hand.


By Mona Karaguozian

A nocturnal phase,

like that of the moon.

A nightly image,

its time ends too soon.

My memory ages,

like the sweet taste of wine,

until I fall asleep,

When once again it’s mine.

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