Will the restriction of being allowed only 15 units this spring affect what classes you decide to take?

Kimberly Anderson

Is the restriction of being able to add only 15 units this upcoming spring 2012 semester going to affect what classes you decide to take?

On Friday November 4, 2011 CSUN students got an email stating that for the spring 2012 semester students would only be able to take a total of 15 units. In past, students have been able to take up to 19 units per semester. During the first couple of weeks of registration (Nov. 8th- December 11th) students will only be able to add 13 units. Then, starting December 12th until classes start, students will be able to enroll in a total of 15 units.

Along with there being a restriction on how many units students are allowed to take spring semester, there will also be fewer class selections to choose from.

As Dr. Harry Hellenbrand stated in the email, “Be sure to make every class count!” If this will affect your course schedule next semester, how?