Poetry Corner: To love, long, and painfully lose

Daily Sundial

Sick Games

By Veronica Rocha

Remembering the day you came,

brings a pain to my stomach.

Is it sickness or hate?

Is it like or love?

Who cares?

You don’t!

You never did.

You just wanted me for awhile,

attached to your name,

tattooed for life.

With the remembrance of you,

It’s such a shame,

Four years down the drain.

Forget you today,

and want you tomorrow

This is the game that never ends.

To Miss

By Mineli Grigourian

And if to breathe

Made me smile

Then what of smiling

Would be so missed

And if not drenched

By the rushing rain

Then what excitement

When being sunkissed?

And life eternal

Would be not a gift

For life would never end

And never be missed

And when we part

The sadness drowns.

But the wait is worth

The lips I kiss.

Secretly Mine

By Denys Nazarov

You are warm,

Not just body,

Soul beating inside,


You’re mine,

Yes, greed,

Not the corporate


More like a

Fixture in time

That I find-

A treasure,

Not measured

By seconds or dimes,

Never sold-

Only cautiously

Given sometimes,

To discreetly

Embrace in the night

Far from curious eyes…

……..You are mine

Trail Guide

By Christopher Storms

How can I feel

The way I feel

When alone

When I am not around you

My world is hollow

No meaning

No purpose

You are my light

My shinning star

Over the holy city

And I am a wise man

Led by my heart

To you

And no one else