Women’s basketball: Get to know #5 Ashlee Guay



Anthony Carpio

Ashlee Guay, left, patterns her game after the Suns' Steve Nash's. Photo Credit: Tessie Navarro / Visual Editor

Full name: Ashlee Guay
Date of Birth: June 25, 1993
Place of Birth: San Diego, Calif.

Height: 5’7”
Position: Guard
Major:  Child Development

Year: Freshman
Stats: 8.9 ppg. 33 steals, 40 rebounds

Food: Mexican
Singer: Alicia Keys
Movie: Remember the Titans
Song: “Any song that’s uplifting.”
Athlete: Steve Nash

Greatest difficulty: “When my brother left for college. That was challenging for me because I became like an only child and I had to fend for myself.”
Greatest goal accomplished: “Getting a scholarship to play basketball.”
Most embarrassing moment: “When I got a black eye during warm-ups before my baseball game. It was a pop-fly and I just totally looked up and it hit me in the eye.”
Hobbies: “Swimming, soccer, hanging out with friends.”

Best part of my game: “My determination, I never give up.”
Part of my game that needs improvement: “Needing to grow up faster, needing to be smarter. Since I’m a point guard, I need to have a higher basketball IQ than I already do.”
Best player I’ve played against so far: Lauren Bell of Pepperdine
Player I pattern my game after: “Steve Nash because he’s a very smart point guard and controlled.”
Pregame rituals: “I get a pep talk from my best friend every game.”
Superstitions: Needs to chew gum every game.

Team: “To do better than last year, which I feel we will achieve. And the big goals, like win our conference and the tournament.”
Individual goals: “To get better at my shot and be a little more confident on the court.”
Future: “To be satisfied with my career throughout my four years here and to know that I did it for something and have a family and a job that I love.”

First sport: Soccer
When I started playing basketball: “When I was 5 years old, and competitively I started in sixth grade.”
What I do to stay in shape during offseason: “I go to the gym with friends. I work out on my own or with my dad. I’m kind of a lazy person, but I try to get outside and do stuff.”
Person I would like to meet: “The president (of the United States). That would be really cool.”