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Buy your team flag, jump on the sports bandwagon

Why is it when a sports team gains a streak of success, the team becomes grossly popular among non-regular sports fans?

Take, for example, the Los Angeles Clippers, who after enduring some of the worst basketball records and seasons in the league has shown significant improvement in its game – now holding the number one spot in the NBA Pacific division. Along with the Clippers great success on the court, the team’s fan base has grown in size as the team moves forward to possibly clinch the West’s spot in the playoffs. Admittedly, I am a jump-on-the-bandwagon Clippers fan.

Similarly, the CSUN men’s soccer team has seen increasing support from the CSUN community as the team has gone on to play various teams in the NCAA tournament.

The number of fans in attendance at the CSUN men’s soccer games is high with first-time fans and diehard fans rooting for the team’s success.

Symptoms of a bandwagoner

The question remains, however, whether an individual can recognize that he or she is jumping on the bandwagon.

So, you will know you are a bandwagoner, when

1)You have to ask someone to point out which team is the one you should be rooting for.

2)You have never seen any of the team’s games on TV or listened to the game on the radio, but you rave about the team like a diehard fan.

3)You buy a car window flag or a peel-off sticker of the team’s emblem to put on your car.

Bandwagon backlash

Individuals who refer to themselves as true fans regard a team’s newfound recognition from first-time fans as a fad and distasteful. Undoubtedly, the true fans are correct, yet highly stubborn.

In any jump-on-the-bandwagon scenario, a true fan considers a sports team’s newfound following as a horrible addition to the team that could eventually lead the team to stray from its traditional methods of playing or celebrating the game. Since, when is an individual’s favorite sports team sudden popularity deemed harmful?

The bandwagoner – individuals who become crazed fans of a team that has the greatest chance of winning in a playoff- greatly contributes to the overall team’s success.

As team appreciation increases, so does the sale of sports tickets and memorabilia, which inevitably creates a large profit margin for the team. If one considers him or herself a true sports fan, a team’s newfound following and increased revenue should be deemed a good for the team and for the overall team’s success.

True fans and bandwagoners unite

When your favorite sports team does make it to the playoffs, enjoy the heightened atmosphere that derives from two teams battling off for a national title. In any case, true fans and bandwagoners will likely scream and cry together as both watch their team lose or win. The bandwagoner adds drama and excitement to any game, so embrace first-timers.

Buy a bandwagoner a beer after the game, and do not forget that he or she is likely footing a large bill for their part-time interest.

Veronica Rocha can be reached at

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