Poetry Corner: Thoughts, questions, expressions

Daily Sundial


By Jason Tanner

Once again, it seems, I am faced with an unfortunate dilemma:

To listen to my heart or listen to the

voice of reason.

The mistakes we claim to have made in the past, were not.

They were simply pulls of energy,

guiding us in a way, we hoped,

would have been in our best interest.

There are no mistakes or coincidences in the rehearsal of life,

so I must be heard and understood –


I don’t deserve to share the stage.

I am too special a spirit to be stuck in the background,

pulling a rope to open and

close the curtain.

So here I stand, waiting for you to shine your spotlight on me.

For you see, there is no show with only one or the other.

Everyone is watching, intently, with their eyes of failure, but

I need to be seen… You see me.

We are only in the first act and someone is

trying to change the ending.

Why do people so quickly dismiss when they haven’t waited to

fully experienced art – true masterpieces that linger in a romantic purgatory.

And so, I wait,

sweaty palms and a frog in my throat.

But this is what it’s all about – The “easy road’s” lack of presence proves that if

something is worth anything you will climb through rivers and swim over hills.

I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

You inspire my passion and I

crave the next words out of your mouth.

How quickly we become addicts…

To want, to need, burning to feel what so many before us have

cried about and lived for.

I am open, and will try to understand your logic, but you must know

you had me at “act one.”

Thoughts from my Heart

By Allie Seeholzer

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Is it true all men cheat and lie?

Are all women jealous of each other?

Will the world stop hating one another?

Is Oz somewhere over the rainbow?

Do we all fear the thought of tomorrow?

Is God a part of our imagination?

A thought that brings us revelation?

Do we hate ourselves because

we are not perfect?

When we get dumped are we the reject?

Can a broken heart be mended?

Will the thought of power be ended?

Where do we run when we are scared?

What do we do when no one cares?

Is there a place to run and hide?

Is it safe to go outside?

When morning light touches your face,

Will there be someone in your warm embrace?

Or will you be alone,

And wishing there was someone when

you get home?

With every bit of pain and sorrow,

I am always confident about tomorrow,

With every disappointment

that comes my way,

I take a breath and it floats away.

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