Letter to the Editor


I am a concerned student at CSUN.

On Monday, Tareq Seikaly used the United Nations Human Rights Commission to make his point that Israel is committing humans rights abuses in Gaza. The UN Human Rights Commission is an incredibly biased source against Israel. I’m not saying that the author doesn’t have some truth in his article; I am saying that the overall agenda of the article is to attack Israel by making Israelis look like Nazi’s who commit crimes against humanity. The problem is that the information is not presented in an objective, transparent, and credible way. And, on top of that it is very disrespectful, biased, and negative.  This is very disrespectful to all the Israeli students who come to CSUN.

The Sundial is supposed to be informative about the world and give us reasons for why things should and shouldn’t be. We should be challenged to use our ability to reason and not use our feelings about a situation.

––Micah Vetter
Business management major and graduating senior