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Longer Pub hours depends on supply and demand

The University Corporation will continue to look at the operating hours of the Pub Sports Bar and Grill and decide whether staying open later for special events or on a daily basis is beneficial to students and to UC coffers, according to staff members.

The Pub in the University Student Union, adjacent to the Associated Students main office, is part of the University Corporation, which manages on-campus food services. The facility recently held a Pub After Hours event that kept it open past its usual closing time to make room for a special event featuring dancing and drinking.

According to Lisa Hayward, a supervisor at the Pub, the regular business hours were from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m this semester Monday through Thursday, with shorter hours on Friday, when it’s open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Hayward said the Pub usually extends business hours only for special events.

She added the Pub After Dark was a one-time occurrence and considered a “special event,” which was why the business was open until midnight. She said there were DJs, and the tables were moved to make way for a makeshift dance floor.

Dave Nirenberg, director of Commercial Services for the UC, said the Pub After Dark was done as a special event. He added that based on everyday sales and operations alone around the USU compound, businesses usually slows down by about 6 p.m.

“We are constantly re-evaluating and constantly looking at the (business needs) at the end of every semester,” Nirenberg said.

Nirenberg said the University Corporation operates like any business in which business us need-driven by what is needed. He said the University Corporation, which does not depend on any type of university funding like an academic department, has to make decisions based mainly on economics, primarily supply and demand. He said it is up to everyday operations and sales to say whether businesses should have extended hours.

Debra Hammond, University Student Union executive director, said the event at the Pub was considered a success, as there were about 200 people who were there. She said that based on the outcome of the event, it would likely be repeated next semester.

Students such as Letty Mendez, senior liberal studies major, have not been to the Pub, though she said she knows where it is located. She added she has not attempted to walk to and visit the USU buildings, primarily because of its off-Sierra Quad location.

Mendez said she does not think it would be a good idea to have events the Pub during extended hours because it is on the university grounds. She said, however, that she understands the other perspective, the need to provide services to students.

“(It) doesn’t make any sense,” Mendez said. “I am here for other purposes – (to go to night classes). It is not that the campus is not safe especially at night, (but the campus) is not restricted to students.”

Mendez added that she sees the purpose of extending business hours, which could primarily benefit students that live in the dorms, or even in off-campus apartments. She said the people who are on or around campus probably would come by, but added that personally she thinks it might conflict with students’ academic goals.

“I like the Pub. Great lunch. A great place to get to know people and hang out. I like the surroundings and it’s very open,” said Robert Finders, sophomore business major.

Finders said that because of lack of involvement from students on campus, extending business hours would not benefit the Pub or its business. He said many students have outside responsibilities, such as full-time jobs and classes. He added that there are other students that just choose not to get involved with the campus.

“I don’t think they would profit because many (students) are not into CSUN or being active with CSUN,” Finders said. “(Plus), I know people that live in Los Angeles who would not be willing to drive back and hang out,” Finders said.

Hammond said by the time construction is done on the new USU hub building in March 2006, there would be more operation of the USU on the weekends and after hours.

She added that there would be “drastic differences” around the USU complex, and “at that point in time, (we would be) reintroducing (the whole USU).”

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