Union of Academic Student Employees announce strikes at CSU campuses

Danielle Directo

After the Cal State University system and the Union of Auto Workers (UAW) failed to reach an agreement over fee waivers, the Union of Academic Student Employees (ASEs) announced a strike beginning at 7 a.m. today.

The UAW proposed full fee waivers for its student members, which the CSU estimated would cost $8 to $11 million a year, said the CSU.

‘CSU’s continued unlawful practices have prevented UAW and CSU from reaching agreement on a new contract,’ the UAW Local 4123, CSU’s UAW chapter, stated in a release on their website.’ ‘The goal of the strike is to convince CSU to bargain lawfully and reach agreement with UAW as quickly as possible.’

In a statement, the CSU said it ‘is prepared to take appropriate legal actions, should the UAW proceed with their planned concerted activities.’

The AWU, which represents 6,800 teaching assistants, said in their statement that the ‘goal is not to ‘shut down’ campus or prevent students from accessing campus.’

The strike will occur in front of Manzanita Hall.