Associated Student Senators talk about future

Yohanna Figueroa

Daily Sundial

Little official business took place at the Associated Student meeting on Tuesday, but senators did talk about their goals for the future.

A new Director of Academics, Senate inductees and the approval to change some of the language in their personnel manual were motions Feb. 7 Associated Students meeting.

Bina Pai, the new Director of Academics, said she has plans to help students with their studies. “Academics is a very crucial part of my life,” Pai said. “I have goals for this semester such as workshops for time management and effective studying.”

The newly inducted Upper Division III Senator, Dina Cervantes, is looking forward to working with the senate. “I’m still figuring out what is what,” Cervantes said. “I can’t wait to really get to work.”

With some members of the student government and attendees listed in the agenda missing from the meeting, a decision for the items on the agenda was not made and postponed for next meeting. Some propositions were made.

James Stephens, a newly inaugurated senator, proposed a fundraising idea in which students would register Ralphs supermarket club cards and help the Children Center. “About 4 percent of students’ purchases (when using the club card) would help the Children Center,” Stephens said. “I’d like to set up a booth near housing and register students.”

Clarification of the language in the A.S. personnel manual, regarding holidays, staff pay and sick leave was explained and approved in the meeting. General Manager, David Crandall, explained that all leaves of absence should be requested in writing and can be turned in after the leave was taken.

“(The new edit to the amendment) gives some room to turn in the paper work when (staff) return from sick leave.” Crandall said.

In closing announcements, the new and old senators said they were excited and looked forward to working with the committee.

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