Poetry corner: Reflection on black history, culture


My Husband By Saharra White

My husband, my man, my African king ?You are my unborn son’s father ?I am in like with you ?But I have yet to fall in love with you ?I want to be your wife, not your buddy, not your girlfriend ?I like being around you, near you, in a room with you ?I love when you hold me ?You’re not like everyone else, you’re different we both are ?We are not ordinary people – are we? ?We both want to change the world, but in different ways ?I want to be with you when you change the world, I will be by your side ?I want to be your wife, not your buddy, not your girlfriend ?You say you want everything, you want the world! ?Am I included in that world? ?I love looking at you when you sleep ?I see great things in you. ?I care about you and me, and our relationship. ?We still have some growing up to do – or at least I do. ?So let’s take it slow? I do! I do! I do! Love you, I always will. ?When we are ready I want to be your wife and you will be my husband, my man, my African King.

Black By Sam Richard

Black defined is black constrained Black with dreams is not in vain It can become reality Black pains from past pains are easing up In time, black has progressed In time, black has also digressed Is black the same thing as it was in greater struggles? Black is in a bubble, ready pop Black is the image you put to the name.

Not Much By Alexandria Barabin

My bones are clicking with chilled pain The protest and cruel words drive me insane Screws loose in my brain Metal stroking my window pane Fire becomes the rain Remember when we reigned? Little white lies and many black truths Have turned my skin inside out and Drove me to chains What’s changed? Mental shackles rather than physical ones On either side of the track We both got guns Once there were signs Now they just call them redlines Once there was police brutality in the streets Now, well nawh We still got that. Come on now and look around: Brutality Oppression Nihilism Degradation Addiction Genocide Education Do those words mean anything to you? Or did you believe that the struggle was through Who lied to you? Screws loose in your brain Ignorance ignores my inner pain Lifetimes of lies have turned my skin Inside out and drove me insane Fire becomes my reign So what did you say changed? Apparently, not much.