Canadian dance-punkers invade Echo


The cold winds blew in with the Canadians last weekend. You Say Party! We Say Die!, Controller.Controller, We Are Wolves and Kiss Me Deadly rocked the intimate club for most of the evening in preparation for their hope to be noticed by a broaderaudience at this year’s South by Southwest festival.

Controller.Controller kept the bustling crowd at the Echo on Sunset warm with their accelerated and unique alternative dance-punk sound. After a slow start, the band locked together to form a single cohesive machine of expressiveness.

Singer Nirmala Basnayake took a comfortable position in the middle of the stage, behind a steady bassist and vicious guitars. The band deviated slightly from the sound on their new album.

This is where Controller.Controller proved to be a band ready to represent their abilities not only with a decent record, but the powerful stage presence of a seasoned group of musicians.

The raw energy of the band accompanied with the spot-on rhythm and layered guitars left no one sound competing for attention but worked well in maintaining the audience alert and enthused throughout the set.

Their set ended abruptly when stage time ran out and the sound engineer preempted their effort to play one last song. A few audience members yelled out for more, but time limitations and the shared venue ended their time.

We Are Wolves put on a concussive show that kept the audience dancing through their stage time. The show demonstrated the new incarnation of quality dance-punk seeping out of the frozen land to the north and being exposed to U.S. audiences little by little.