Break in occurs at infant school


A student aide arrived at the Child and Family Studies Center Infant/Toddler Program and observed two doors of the school were opened on March 13.

Someone entered the on-site supervisor’s office and observation room doors, said Christina Villalobos, CSUN Public Safety spokesperson, adding that he doors were found open.

The program is closed due to an ongoing investigation after Wendy Nicola, a teacher who works at the infant program, was arrested and released March 7 in connection with battery.

No property was taken and no damage occurred, Villalobos said.

“There is no evidence of anything taken or tampered with,” she said.

John Chandler, CSUN spokesperson, said staff members of CFSC told him there was no indication that anything was taken in the break in.

CSUN police did not report the incident immediately because the case was misclassified, she said.

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