Phone system down for a day at CSUN

Oscar Areliz

CSUN campus telephones were not working most of Wednesday morning, and service was working intermittently by 5 p.m, according to the CSUN website.

Being able to connect to a campus phone line was sporadic throughout March 15.

“It hasn’t really been a big problem,” said Joseph Dabbour, head of circulation services at the Oviatt Library. “It has just been a little more quiet.”

According to the CSUN website, the problem began at 5:30 a.m. and phone technicians from ITR met with phone vendors, CPI and CISCO, most of the day to find a resolution. The ITR technicians were unavailable to speak throughout the day due to the extensive meetings with the vendors according to office assistants.

The inability to connect to the campus phone lines made e-mail the main form of communication, Dabbour said.

“We just got a lot of e-mails,” Dabbour said. “Most people used e-mail to get in contact with us.”

The problem affected most extensions on campus, except for the department of public safety. The department’s 2111 extension has service for emergencies.