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Cho takes on Spongebob, Christians and Bush

Margaret Cho, notorious for her outrageous comedy and opinionated political points of view, performed for CSUN students, faculty and staff on March 15 in the University Student Union.

The show, which was part of Women’s History Month and brought to campus by Associated Students’ S.P.A.C.E., also included Cho’s long-time opening act Bruce Daniels.

“This is weird,” Daniels said. “Comedy when the sun is up.”

The crowd roared with laughter as he poked fun at “Brokeback Mountain.”

“Everywhere you go, it’s been a gay year,” he said. “Jake Gyllenhaal should have won the Oscar for ‘Best Bottom.’ I don’t remember my first gay-sex encounter being like that – grab, punch, punch, flip, spit and insert. He didn’t make a sound.”

Daniels, who also stars with Cho in her upcoming movie Bam Bam and Celeste, spared no group from his comedy, which can be difficult when you are an opening act.

Openly gay, Daniels also gave the audience his two cents on politics.

“I’m not going to let this administration or any other administration scare me back into the closet,” he said.

As Margaret Cho took the stage, there was a slight feeling of fear in the air but a large amount of excitement and cheering at the same time.

Cho is known for pushing the envelope, and there were even signs outside of the San Fernando Valley Hall warning people of Cho’s crude sexual comments and foul language.

She began her set talking about a law recently passed in South Dakota prohibiting abortion.

“The most unsexy people are making decisions about our sexuality,” she said. “Why do they think they have the right to do this?”

Cho said one of the government’s reasons this law was passed was because abortion clinics “promote promiscuity.”

“Oh, like Myspace doesn’t promote promiscuity,” she continued. “I think the morning-after pill is a God-given right. I should get one every morning with my newspaper.” The crowd was in hysterics.

After the laughter died down a little, she quickly added, “I’m probably going to get shot by Dick Cheney.”

Cho also has a problem with Christian groups and politics.

“All these Christian groups have a problem with gays. Spongebob is gay, Spongebob is gay,” she said, mockingly. “Spongebob Squarepants is a sponge, he’s not gay ? he’s clearly a transsexual.”

Of course, no Margaret Cho live show would be complete without her impression of her mother.

“My mother owns a bookstore, and they get gay porn, and she said to me, ‘You know, Maaargaret, the gays they looove the aassssss. They like it sooo much they don’t know what to do. You cannot have aasss all the tiiiime. If you have ass all the time, it’s not special.’

Cho also spoke negatively of President George W. Bush.

“I spoke at a rally and everyone was saying George Bush is like Hitler,” she said. “So I had to say something. So, I said ‘George Bush is NOT Hitler. He would be if he applied himself.'”

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