The best apps for music and concert seekers

Amanda El Khoury

  Hello music lovers of CSUN.! Curious about when musicians and bands will be making an appearance near your city? Perhaps there is an interest in new music releases. Probably you want a useful for app for when you’re at the concert. Whatever your musical interest may be here are some apps that are all about music and concerts.

1. Concerts! By preAmped LLC – Free

    Concerts! offers information on shows going on in any particular city and can display certain events based on the music on the phone. Also, this app keeps concert goers up to date on what is going on with their favorite band or musician by offering notifications of new shows and album releases. This app is available for the iPhone.

2. Band Of The Day By 955 Dreams – Free
    Attention music enthusiasts, Band Of The Day features a brand new band or musician every day with streams of their top songs, some videos, photos, reviews, a biography, and much more. It is like having a music magazine in your pocket that updates with new music each day and is available for the iPhone.
3.  Where Did I Park? By Mobilevel – Free
   Mostly everyone has experienced the dreadful realization that they have forgotten where their car is parked, especially at concerts. Where Did I Park? offers a GPS Service to keep track of where a car is parked, users can take a picture of the surrounding area, choose a time limit to how long a car can be parked in the particular spot, and a reminder to move the car. It is available on the iPhone and Android.