A.S. kids’ center teams with Ralphs

Cyro Duarte

The Associated Students Children’s Center has recently partnered with Ralphs Supermarkets to create additional activities for the center, said director Arlene Rhine.

“Every time a person shops at Ralphs and shows their ID, the Children’s Center will get a percentage from that,” Rhine said.

The fundraising idea came from a parent group, which is not part of A.S.

Rhine said additional fundraising, however, is necessary to purchase supplies for items needed for a quality program.

“Ralphs is getting a lot of publicity and they are not charging us anything,” Rhine said. “When we talk about this fundraising we are talking about Ralphs. Shopping at Ralphs means that the Children’s Center receives the rebate. This partnership is good for all of us.”

Safa Sajadi, A.S. vice president, said she encourages the center to inform CSUN about its activities.