Lip service from ‘Kissing Tigers’; in person ‘ Knitting Factory

John DuBois

Kissing Tigers took the stage at the Knitting Factory on Sunset Boulevard and jumped into their first song “Rooms by the Hour.” The band’s five members form a tightly knit group with a sound that filled the intimate venue.

The group played a number of songs off of their 2004 album “Pleasure of Resistance” and played through some new songs. Songs such as “I Died in a Mall,” “So Stay in Love” and “We are Scorpios” got the audience moving.

The floor of the venue was about half full with fans bobbing their heads to the music and even a few dancing in front of the stage. Lead singer James Weir’s high register voice, accompanied by infectious synthesized melodies and catchy guitar riffs, gave the band a new and addictive sound.

Kissing Tigers began their current tour by performing at South by South West in Austin, Texas and wrapped it up in Reno on March 25.

After the concert Weir was interviewed and provided some good-natured humor and a glimpse into their influences.

Who would win in a battle of the bands between the Kissing Tigers and

The Strokes: The old Strokes or the new Strokes? New Strokes. Oh yea, we’d beat them. The old Strokes would beat us.

Queen: Queen would win, no contest.

WHAM: I’d have to say WHAM. I would vote for WHAM.

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Got to go with Beethoven. I would have to say everyone would beat us except the new Strokes.

What bands were you listening to?

When you were 15 years old: Weezer, Operation Ivy, The Bouncing Souls, NOFX, and Radiohead. Oh, and I also listened to Smashing Pumpkins all the time.

One year ago: Exactly one year ago I was listening to a lot of New Order, the old Strokes ? I think I listened to more music when I was 16 than I did a year ago.

Senior year of high school: Hmm, what did I have in my car? Belle and Sebastian. Weezer, they reformed that year I think, but we listened to all the old Weezer albums.

Right now: Pulp, The Ark, David Bowie, and Of Montreal.

What was the last album you listened to from beginning to end? I would have to say it was The Ark, “In Lust We Trust;” yeah it’s really awesome.

Some say comedians want to be rock stars and rock stars want to be comedians.Who is your favorite stand up comedian? Mitch Hedberg. When we didn’t have cable in my apartment we would listen to comedy on the computer, his jokes were always the best.

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