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Ladies: Be picky when shopping for quality denim

Picture this: It’s late in the evening and I’m driving through the rain from the Valley to the Beverly Center, just making it 20 minutes before the store closes. I was ecstatic after just receiving the phone call I was waiting for – Macy’s had the dark-wash Seven jeans in my size. Story of my life? Well, actually it is. Jeans are my life.

I’m sure many other ladies agree we can add one more guilty pleasure to our list: jeans. From designer denim to any ordinary jeans, we can’t get our hands off of them. Whoever thought you could splatter paint spots, sandpaper a pair of jeans, call ’em Chip and Pepper and slap them with a hefty price tag? Shelling out crazy dough for jeans today tells us it’s clear, people are hooked.

Jeans have become a fashion fad today that correlates to a term we like to call style. A good outfit can be complemened with a pair of fine-looking jeans. But how do we decide among thousands of jeans? Well, next time you browse aimlessly through the racks, think of these tips before pulling out the card at the register.

Pocket size matters

The first thing I do when I grab jeans off the rack is look at the back. Pocket size and position make a big difference in shaping that prized derriere of yours. Steer away from pockets that are too far apart from another. You don’t need all that space in the middle – plus it makes your asset look wider. Pockets with flaps and extra bulge create excess baggage and we don’t even want to go there.

Simple not destroyed

While the “Abercrombie look” of destroyed, tethered jeans continues to sell, jeans big enough where I can almost fit my hands through the holes are not appealing anymore. Keep it simple, because the benefit is being able to dress up a pair of jeans with a pair of pumps as well go casual with a pair of sneakers.

Light wash versus Dark wash

Light-washed jeans have been making a recent comeback. But keep in mind that you don’t want to look too washed out. From a side view we want to accentuate curves, not flatten them out.

Boot fit

There is nothing like making jeans look stylish with a pair of pumps or pointed black boots. First, before you even walk into a dressing room, you should be wearing a pair of boots with a heel to test the length. The right length is where the hem falls just low enough (about an inch off the ground) so you can visibly see the heel from a side view. Longer than that or dragging on the floor is too long.

Tapered versus flared

This really depends on the type of shoes you wear. I can’t say one is better than the other. Tall boots over the jeans are in. In this case, jeans should be tapered and fitted at the bottom to achieve this look. Shorter women should be careful not to get boots for this style that reach completely to the knee; such high boots could overwhelm their frame.

Hip huggers beware

In terms of a low waistline, I would caution that if it becomes a problem when bending or sitting down, don’t bother. Remember, if you have wide hips, wearing jeans that sit that low on the waist only enhances the wide look.

So have fun while you shop for jeans. Look for dressing rooms that have three-sided mirrors. Bring a friend along who can offer their honest opinion of how it looks, because hopefully, you want to keep your jeans for a long time. Especially when they get to that stage of the “worn-in” look, they’ll fit even better.

Nia Guleyon can be reached at

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