Online election for A.S.

Joseph Wilson

The 2006 Associated Students online election began April 4 for the positions of A.S. president, vice president, and senators.

Students can only vote online for the candidates and the vote count is scheduled to end today at 8 p.m., said Stephen Vanover, A.S. director of elections.

Results of the election will be released on April 6, he said.

Candidates for the A.S. presidency are: Zachary Mendelsohn, with the “V.O.I.C.E” slate, Ken Barrow, with the “Support U.S.” slate; Adam Salgado, with the “111 You Decide” slate and Taranika Echols, with the “It’s All About You” slate.

Candidates for the A.S. vice presidency are: Sophia Recalde, with the “V.O.I.C.E.” slate; Rachel Murphy, with the “Support U.S.” slate; Sarah Jackson with the “111 You Decide” slate, and Peter Gallego with the “It’s All About You” slate.

Jonathan Davidian, sophomore political science major, said he voted online for one candidates running for senator.

“It was pretty easy and self explanatory,” Davidian said.

Davidian said voting online is more secure than voting at the tables usually set up for voting in the past.

“I think it reduces voter fraud,” Davidian said. “It’s really private and personalized.”

He said there has been more activity on campus from the candidates in this election.

“There’s more enthusiasm to get more people to vote,” Davidian said.

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