‘Dive-in’ movie makes a splash at SRC

Dive-in movie makes a splash at SRC

Casey Delich

    CSUN’s University Student Union created the perfect match for the new generation, taking the old drive-in movies, and replacing the car with a pool and lounge chairs.

   Thursday night kicked off a new event for the Union, with its first “Dive-in,” taking place at the Student Recreation Center pool with the presentation of Marvel’s “The Avengers.”

      Admittance was free to students, they only needed to register with the SRC, and could take advantage of the pool, movie, and free food and drinks offered.

In front of a giant inflatble screen and resting on inner tubes and floaties students watch the previews of upcoming movies, including “Ted.” Photo credit: Ken Scarboro / Senior Photographer

“I came to check everything out, it’s a cool idea to be in the pool with friends and watch a movie on the big screen,” said sophomore English major Katrina Mercado.

     Many students in attendance were brought along by friends to check out the event, or just stumbled upon it, but everyone seemed excited at the idea itself.
    “We were playing basketball and wanted to see the pool, we didn’t know there was an event,” said freshman business major Basil Boyd, “we saw the free food and that there was a bunch of people here and decided to check it out.”
Creating the event for the SRC was a way to showcase the pool and give students an opportunity for a safe late night fun.
    “We plan on holding these once a month through November, and working with Swank Motion Pictures we receive pre-DVD releases of the movies to show the students,” said Senior Emmanuel Martinez, the event assistant for the USU.
   A maximum of 370 students were able to attend, but only an estimated 150-200 students showed up throughout the night.
     Providing sandwiches and drinks for students weren’t the only perks, there was also a free raffle for Avengers related merchandise, an Iron Man mask, Hulk hands, Captain America’s shield, and Thor’s hammer given out before the movie.
     For all the hype around the event, the movie presentation itself left a lot to be desired.  The movie was unwatchable during parts, with the projector or screen showing it too light, many times you were only able to hear the characters not see them.
    “I really like the relaxed atmosphere and it’s a great idea, but it’s almost impossible to see the screen from the lounge chairs, I can’t see what’s going on,” said junior psychology major Melissa Realegeno.