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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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Letters to the editor

It is always very much appreciated when the Daily Sundial discloses campus closures in advance. For the second time Friday, I erred in trekking to campus, only to find the Fitness Center closed in observance of Cesar Chavez Day, and unfortunately I was not alone.

The building was locked, so I couldn’t check the door for notices, so I went for the closest campus newspaper receptacle I could find, and scoured the pages for answers. There were none I could find in the Thursday edition.

Yesterday, I arrived and again inquired of the Fitness Center Staff. I found a piece of paper folded on the counter outside the Center; it was the notification I had been looking for. I asked where it had been posted and was informed that it had been posted on the outside of the door to the Fitness Center, no mention as to when.

The humorous thing about that is once the door is secured open, the exterior of the door is completely out of view.

I’ve already mentioned to staff how helpful it is for alumni and community to be notified of holiday closures as long as they are welcomed as Fitness Center members.

The Daily Sundial provides a service, informing the campus and local community. I’ve known folks to pick up your paper on morning walks.

Reporting campus crime activity has special meaning for me as a local resident and was of particular interest when a student’s vehicle was broken into on our street. A $2000 console was stolen. I came to find out through the Daily Sundial that dozens of such thefts were occurring on campus – a student passing by thought someone was working on the car, even with the car alarm blaring.

It also comes to bear when fraternities residing off campus in our community (as the one behind a portion of my home) behave irresponsibly, forgetting their manners – my neighbor recently inquired if we knew about the ice chest, beer bottles and debris left in their back yard while they were away.

That said, I think it is really important that we support each other where we can; the Daily Sundial certainly has a role to play and it does it well.

Elizabeth Beckman, Alumna

Just wanted to say I enjoy the crossword puzzles you (sometimes) include in your publication. They keep my mind keen and my spelling in check. Kudos to the intelligent person who develops them for the Sundial.

I look forward to them daily, but I have noticed that lately they haven’t been there!

Please consider including them every day. I’m not the only one who enjoys them, and I’m sure the students could glean a lot from a daily mind-stretcher!

Looking forward to a daily puzzle, perhaps. Thanks in advance.

Susan Arvanitis

staff member and CSUN student

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