Poetry corner: reflections on love, hesitation


“Last Meeting” By Vergine Garanyan

It was cold, it was raining, Even the sky was crying, We were separating… It was our last day, For your life you found a different way. I asked for one more date, You said, “sorry I can’t.” It was raining, I was crying… Rain cleared our feelings, Rain took our love. The sun wasn’t shining, There was no more life… You found your love, I found mine, You like your life, I like mine. In a part of my heart, you always are, In part of yours, am I? You’re still dear for me, maybe I am for you, But I like my destiny, how about you?

“Untitled” By Lauren Robeson

My world is full Of what I create myself; Awkwardness, hostility, Passion, temporary “insanity.” I blame others; a lie to everyone.

Not something I can recognize Without prompting; Cautious inquiries, Pressing questions That tend to force self-revelations That would otherwise be ignored.

Conversations at one a.m. Bring to light everything That is pushed aside in sunlight. The vulnerability reveals itself And oh, the melodrama.

I look for it to resolve almost magically with no intervention from me.

When I was younger I thought things would be easier, kinder? And now, not so much.

It’s the lies we tell ourselves that change everything; for better or worse this will never change, something I’m only learning now in the most painstaking way possible.

“…Yet” By Jason Tanner

Your eyes, a shade of blue that makes me long to swim naked in the hottest ocean, have a hunger in them as I melt into the warmth of your arms. I am safe, fading away. When I run my fingers through your perfect brown curls, I am entangled in my constant desire for your kiss. Your kiss, I can still taste. Your natural scent, a fragrance which Causes me to forget my name, still lingers and dances around my nose with an energy I had only dreamed of experiencing. I am paralyzed with adoration. Yet, scared you may drop my heart, smashing it into pieces. I gaze at your smile and how pure it is when we are laughing. My fears quickly morph into dreams, hopes, and a feeling of gratitude that I found someone who finally sees the real me. I look forward to tomorrow.

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