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Run-off election for A.S. President, VP

The Associated Students and University Student Union online election ended the night of April 5 with neither presidential or vice presidental slate receiving 50 percent or more of the vote necessary to win. A run-off election for A.S. president and vice president will be held April 25 between the two candidates who received the most votes.

Adam Salgado and Sarah Jackson of the “111 You Decide” slate received the largest amount of votes with 557. Zachary Mendelsohn and Sophia Recalde of the “V.O.I.C.E” slate received the second largest amount of votes, 482.

Total votes in the election for A.S. president and vice president was 1,616 in.

Stephen Vanover, A.S. director of elections, said the voting was three to four times greater than the Fall A.S. Senate election.

Winners for USU Board of Directors and A.S. Homecoming were not immediately available.

He said results for the elected senators would not be finalized until after the run off election.

The decision to continue using online voting will be discussed by the election committee after the run off election, Vanover said.

“We’re going to evaluate between the two systems and determine which one is more effective for students and for the overall voting process,” Vanover said.

Salgado said that to win the run off election he and Jackson would have to alert more students about it.

Salgado and Jackson ran on issues such as students advisement and budget workshops.

“We have to step up the advertising now that there’s going to be a ruoff,” he said.

Informing more students about the run off election is going require him and his running mate to campaign a lot more this time around, Salgado said.

“We really want to try and get more students (aware of it),” he said.

Jackson said that the energy level of the campaign in the run off is going to rise.

“We have got to try five times harder now,” Jackson said.

Mendelsohn said he plans to get a street team together to get students aware of the run-off.

Mendelsohn Recalde ran on a platform of promoting school spirit and increasing student awareness of campus events.

“The main thing is getting people aware that there is a run off election,” Mendelsohn said.

Mendelsohn said that before the voting began he didn’t see a lot of activity by other candidates on campus, but that he was pleased with the voter turn out.

“I was impressed,” Mendelsohn said. “I didn’t think it (voting results) was going to be that many.”

Jackson said talking to students face to face is important to getting more students to vote.

“It’s all about making those individual connections,” he said.

Because the voting results were so close, the pressure is on for the two campaigns to work hard, Jackson said.

Salgado said he wants at least one polling station with laptops set with wireless Internet access to give students a quicker way to vote.

For the run-off election, Salgado expects to see higher voter totals for the presidential run off.

“We want all students to vote because it’s choosing their representatives for the next year,” Salgado said.

The A.S. president, vice president and senators will represent students to the administration and for student fees, Salgado said.

Salgado said that online voting is still changing and that in the future he expects more students to vote.

“I think this was a hard transition to online voting but once the transition is made there will be higher student voting,” Salgado.

Salgado said that the election committee worked hard in this election, even with a change in director of elections at the beginning of the semester.

“I think the elections committee did a great job considering the amount of time they had,” Salgado said.

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